Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calm before the storm

We always try to get away before the craziness of summer happens here....without Brex. So, this year we went to the greatest place in Phoenix, AZ. Kind of random, I know, but it was awesome. We wanted a place we could lay in the sun and do nothing....and that is what we did. if you ever want a great getaway or a fun place to take kids check it out.
our view from breakfast every day. not bad.

this night we ate the yummiest burgers at Houstons and went to see Date Night. It was so fun. I sure wish I was doing that again tonight.

we were home one week and looked at each other and said, "can you believe we have only been home for a week. it feels like months since we had a vacation. we definitely need another one soon":))) and life goes on!!