Monday, September 14, 2009

friends, family and dirt

Playing in a sandbox for the first time....LOVED IT!! He's going to be all boy!

His new pose....he's practicing his modeling moves and showing off that belly to all his girlfriends!

Our sweet nannies from the summer, kate and emily. We were so bessed!

This was a going away party for our sweet friends Pat, Meg and Aaden Preston. They are really going to be missed...but at least they are still in the pine cove circle!

Brex and Aaden were sad to leave one another! So sad they decided to give some kisses....oops!

Our nieces and nephew all playing together! Lily, Taylor, Daisy and Chad. Brex and Haynes will join them soon enough!

post camp vacation

Okay friends, this is a long post....and please don't laugh at the layout. I'm still a new blogger and learning...

A few weeks after camp, we headed down to Chris' farm in Boerne for a few days with our sweet friends, the Boatright's (pic above).

We went to a fun resteraunt that George Straight owned!

Doesn't fried ice cream help you lose baby weight???

Posing with his dad on the 4-Wheeler wishing he could take off!

Brex and his future girlfriend, Mabry Boatright....she isn't so sure about him!

One of the days they will be taking off on that...

a really blurry and bad picture of Brex and Mabry flirting on the couch!

this is their latest trick....Brex LOVES it! Would you check out those legs??

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We didn't want Bronco to feel left out, so we decided to give him some face time...

Chris has always dreamed of having a dog he could take to the lake...

This is what Bronco does about 23 hours a day.

Trip to San Antonio

Last weekend we went to visit Chris' family in San Antonio. It was so fun but it was definitely the last time we will be flying with Brex for a while...

This was the second time Brex got to see his cousin Haynes who is 9 days older than him!! They definitely noticed one another but we are waiting for the day where he begs us to go stay with him!!

Here we are...all 6 grandkids in a row. One of these days we will get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but they are actually both about to melt down. It was like a chain reaction- one started crying and the other didn't know what else to do but to cry along with him...

He LOVED this little splash pad Janie bought for him and Haynes. Check out that gut....

This is the latest sleeping position...butt up.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We can finally keep you updated!

The newest addition of the Boddy family arrived on January 27th 2009- Brex Elijah Boddy! We are a little behind on posts, but hope that you will enjoy keeping up with our family.

On January 29th, Chris' 30th birthday we got to bring him home from the hospital for the first time!

Chris is the best dad ever and jumped right in changing diapers...Brex never made this job easy!!

We are so lucky that Brex's gram is a professional photographer...we will never be lacking in creative pics!!

This is one of his first smiles...he used to be hard to crack but now he is a total flirt and smiles at everyone!

He is just starting to figure out how to splash in the water...for a while he would just sit there, his tummy lapping over, so content to let us scrub him with warm water. Rough life.

We decided to give him some watermelon on the 4th....He LOVED it!! He wouldn't stop eating it, so when we finally took it away we got to witness his first fit...

We have a side sleeper now!

Today was a big day for us...brex got to eat his first vegetable! Of course, he loved it! He has never been one to turn down food (obviously).