Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keep Praying!

Once again, it's been a while!! It has been a LONG, SLOW YEAR in Ethiopia as far as adoptions are concerned!! We took some time in the winter (after months and months of no movement) to pray and re-evaluate our heart behind adoption and our heart for Ethiopia. We wait for nothing anymore, so of course people ask us all the time- can't you just switch to another country or do you really believe it will ever happen? So, after a while it is easy to start doubting. There have been many days that I have just wanted to throw in the towel and be done with this and days that I have spent HOURS researching other countries and their "policies" and days that the longing is so intense that I want to jump on a plane...but in the end we both felt the Lord telling us to just press in, and keep walking down the path that He has called us to- no matter how long it takes. I had the sweetest reminder the other day. I was reading about creation in Genesis and was so overwhelmed at all of the details that God has given to meet our every need. The way He made everything that works so perfectly together- from the plants that produce food and the animals and the rain...all of it to take care of US! I spend so much of my time feeling anxious about our baby girl and if her needs are being met in the orphanage and trying to calculate when we will get her and how that will fit into our life....and just by going back to a Bible story I have been reading since I was the age of our boys, I was reminded of His sovereignty. Of course He knows what He is doing and He hasn't forgotten about the orphans across the globe. He created them and loves them far more than we ever can. Simple truth that God is teaching me during this journey. Can't wait to share it with her one day! Thank you friends for sticking with us during this! Your prayers, texts and words mean more than you will ever know!!!

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